Getting Started

Email Automation for Node.js
Candymail - Email automations for Node.js | Product Hunt
Candymail is an open-source NPM package that makes it easy to trigger and send multi-step email sequences in Node.js using a single JSON file. View full source code on Github.


Install the package using NPM or Yarn:
# npm
npm install candymail --save
# yarn
yarn add candymail


Marketing is built with Marketers in mind, not Developers. Candymail makes it easy for Developers to set up and trigger automated email sequences based on user actions: successful signup, milestone completed, inactivity.

Use Cases

  • Build better onboarding by guiding the user through the app with paced training emails
  • Reduce churn by sending exciting community content every few days
  • Convert more customers to paid plans by offering discounts based on the user's usage activity


  • All emails and triggers are defined in a single JSON file
  • In-built persistence
  • Unsubscribe support
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